On-Go is a privately-held corporation based in Bethesda, MD (USA). Since its inception, On-Go has led the way in developing best-of-breed solutions for harnessing the power of wireless communication.

Committed to Progress

In 2003, On-Go introduced the revolutionary uniHub™ UCH-300 wireless technology solution, which keeps information flowing smoothly by effectively bridging the “interface incompatibility” gap between networks and communication devices.

In 2004, On-Go developed the uniHub™UCH-100, a slimmed down version of the UCH-300 that transmits data from telephony-based devices over any wireless network.

In late 2005, On-Go forged new ground with the introduction of RocketLink, an innovative wireless communication device that exploits the power of multiple wireless networks and technologies, providing unsurpassed connection reliability and up to four times the speed of a single link.

In 2006, On-Go introduced uniHub™UCH-250 to replace its uniHub™UCH-300 model. The new model offers 3 times faster processing power and 2 times storage size, and it is ROHS compliant.

In 2013, On-Go introduced M+ solution. M+ offers a unique single interface for all the communication needs, from EMAIL to SMS to Instant Messaging. The product is designed with wide variety of network interfaces, ranging from broadband to messaging only.

With international distribution partners, On-Go’s wireless solutions are meeting the needs of a wide range of industries throughout the world.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

On-Go doesn’t merely “sell wireless communication devices.” Our goal is to ensure you fully harness the power of wireless. On-Go’s professional developers are available to evaluate your communication needs and provide a customized solution that maximizes the return on your investment in wireless communications.

On-Go products come with a full one year warranty, and all of our wireless solutions are backed by the highest quality service and support.

Committed to the Future

On-Go actively seeks technology and business partners to help develop and deploy the next generation of wireless solutions. If your company has technologies that complement On-Go’s wireless solutions, or is a distributor of wireless products and services, please contact On-Go.