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Across all industries … in the most demanding environments … On-Go’s wireless technology is harnessing the full power of wireless communication. Whether enabling devices to communicate over a wireless network, or boosting wireless bandwidth, On-Go’s easy-to-implement solutions maximize productivity by providing reliable, seamless data communication capabilities. graphic of technology solutionRead more about how On-Go’s wireless technology meets the needs of business

On-Go Solutions by Industry

Designed to be flexible and scalable, On-Go’s wireless technology solutions seamlessly integrate data communications, leveraging the power of wireless networks to meet businesses’ need for effectively communicating critical information.

Satellite and Cellular Wireless Service Providerspicture of communication tower

Captivate your customers, capture new value, increase competitiveness, and extend your services revenue by offering your customers the best wireless communication technology available in today’s wireless market. On-Go’s innovative wireless communication products expand your portfolio, allowing you to capitalize on the market trend toward using wireless communication for much more than talking.

picture of taxiFleet Management

For many companies, major assets … such as trucks, cars, or boats … are constantly on the move. Expand your company’s information infrastructure out to these vehicles with OnGo’s uniHub technology. Easily manage your limo, taxi, trucking, or boat fleets. Gain instant location reporting, order processing and asset management. Increase efficiency and deliver outstanding customer service by processing and transmitting information to and from any mobile vehicle or destination. On-Go’s wireless communication technology helps companies that provide on-the-go services become flexible, on demand businesses.

picture of cruise shipTravel and Transportation

Today’s travel and transportation industry faces growing challenges from heightened security measures and procedures. To keep operations productive, you need to seamlessly communicate up-to-date, mission critical information to all remote and roaming locations. On-Go’s mobile roaming and wireless network solutions provide fast, reliable data communication on the ground, in the air, and on the water.

Financial and Merchantpicture of limo

Many transactions … such as credit card processing … take place in an environment where a traditional, fixed-line telephone infrastructure are not readily available. OnGo’s uniHub technology gives you the ability to simply and effectively deploy standard fixed-line equipment in areas where phone service is either not available or not economically feasible.

Militarypicture of military helicopters

Modern military must be both powerful and agile. With the right access to information, military units can collaborate better and respond faster. On-Go’s mobile roaming and wireless network solutions provide rapidly deployable communication solutions for powerful, secure data communication between home base and on-the-ground field units.

Utility and Energy

Utility and energy companies operate in a highly mobile environment. Field staff and home offices need to regularly communicate about customers, billing, and changing situations. On-Go’s mobile roaming and wireless network solutions maintain real-time data communication by giving field staff the power to wirelessly send and receive data from any location.

picture of emergency vehiclePublic Safety and Emergency Response Teams

Protect people and property with secure, real-time information delivered when and where it’s needed. Unify patrols by creating a mobile office in each vehicle and at every remote location. Collaborate across agencies and departments to rapidly address health and safety issues. On-Go’s wireless communication solutions help public safety and emergency response teams operate effectively in demanding environments.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies rely on instant access to rapidly changing information. On-Go’s wireless solutions transform how media and entertainment companies operate by leveraging the power of wireless to enable communication of any type of data, including fax, video, and graphics.

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On-Go Solutions by Need

Built on standard and open technology, On-Go’s wireless communication solutions are powerful and scalable, unlocking the full potential of wireless in even the most demanding environments.

Mobile Environment Communicationspicture of commercial plane

In today’s world, business relies on mobile workers to handle key transactions. But mobile workers are only as effective as the information they can access. That’s why businesses are turning to On-Go’s wireless communication technology to ensure their mobile workers stay connected to all forms of communication … not just voice calls. On-Go’s wireless technology allows ease of movement between wireless networks and service providers, enhancing productivity by turning any location into a fully functioning office that gives your mobile workers reliable access to critical enterprise data.


  • Fax - UniHub supports G3 analog modem and circuit based data modem interface. For IP based broadband network, UCH500 provides a compatible interface for those analog devices.
  • Smartphone Interface - UniHub offers local network routing (Ethernet and WIFI) to the selected Upstream port. This feature provides local computers and smartphones (such as Blackberry, IPhone) to access the Internet and synchronize email with whatever network is available.
  • Multi Network Switching - UniHub can support multiple upstream network interfaces (IRIDIUM, SWIFT64, SWIFT BROADBAND) and provide automatic switching among them based on availability. This provides continuous connectivity for the users without having to worry about whether there is satellite coverage or not.

Remote Location Communicationpicture of oil rig

From offshore oil rigs to base camps set up in desolate locations … remote environments are frequently cut off from a full range of data communication capabilities. To perform efficiently, remote locations need a wireless solution that quickly and reliably transfers data with the home office or base. On-Go’s mobile roaming and wireless network solutions overcome the barriers to wireless communication, enabling remote locations to receive mission critical communications.


  • Circuit Data over IP - UniHub offers a dial-up connectivity for the device to be reached remotely. This means legacy data modem interface such as Utility meters or Data Loggers can be connected to UniHub over IP based broadband network without any modification required.


Temporary Site Communicationpicture of construction site

Whether a short-term construction site or an emergency base camp, temporary environments face special challenges. They need unlimited communication capabilities that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. On-Go’s innovative technology enables rapid deployment of a full communication system that seamlessly integrates data communications across multiple wireless networks and service providers.

Disaster and Hazardous Area Communicationpicture of firemen

No one anticipates a disaster. To overcome its devastating effects you need instant, reliable communication capabilities that extend beyond simple voice communications. When normal communication systems are down, On-Go’s mobile roaming and wireless network solutions quickly deliver wireless communication capabilities, keeping you in touch with the rest of the world in even the worst of circumstances.

picture of hand holding credit cardPoint-of-Sale Communications

Successful businesses seize every opportunity to make a sale. In today’s highly mobile world that means bringing the sale to your customer by effectively connecting kiosks, remote point-of-sale terminals, and roaming sales staff. On-Go’s wireless communication technology lets you bring sales directly to your customers — no matter where they are — by maintaining an uninterrupted flow of critical information between your sales staff and home office.

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