On-Go’s Wireless Communication Products

Each day, businesses live the challenge of trying to integrate disparate communications systems, streamline operations, and lower costs. And although communication and networking technologies have advanced significantly, our ability to fully utilize today’s communication networks has been restricted by device and network interface incompatibilities.

On-Go specializes in developing solutions that leverage the power of wireless networks to meet the changing communications needs of business. Our groundbreaking technology offers the ease of plug-n-play with the power of transparent communication and network connectivity … regardless of underlying network systems.

Constant contact with your friends and colleagues

On-Go’s M+™ solution is a portal all-in-one messaging and voice solution.
It provides seamless integration to Instant Messaging (IM) networks, Email, Telephony and mobile networks. You can maintain constant contact with your friends and colleagues through voice, fax, SMS and Email, and instant messaging. M+ sophisticated bandwidth management means you can stay in constant contact in most cost effective manner regardless where you are.

Seamlessly Integrate Peripheral Devices

On-Go’s uniHub™ solution bridge the “interface incompatibility” gap between networks and communication devices, allowing them to carry out intelligent application processing and keep information flowing smoothly.