Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to the questions we receive most frequently from our customers and distributors. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I purchase an On-Go wireless device if there are no distributors located near me?
If a distributor isn’t located near you, please contact your wireless service provider and ask them to become a distributor of On-Go enhanced wireless communication products. You can also contact one of our current distributors and have On-Go products shipped to your location.

What is the major difference between On-Go’s UCH-100 and UCH-250? 
The  UCH-250 supports fiveseparate interface ports, including: Serial (DB9), Modem (RJ11), Ethernet (RJ45), USB, and PCMCIA. By acting as a network router, device interface and protocol converter, the UCH-250 allows all local ports to operate different protocols and share the same network access. It is the ideal solution when you need to seamlessly interface a wide variety of data devices.

The UCH-100 is a leaner version of our popular UCH-250. It has both a Serial (DB9) and Modem (RJ11) port. It is the perfect solution for providing data and fax capability (telephone interface) when a regular telephone line is not available.

Do I need a computer to use On-Go products?
You do not need a computer to use On-Go’s  UCH-100UCH-250, or RocketLinkproducts. This makes the On-Go line of products perfect for all applications.

Do On-Go devices work with only certain cell and satellite (or other wireless) providers?
The use of On-Go’s enhanced wireless communication devices is not limited to certain wireless service providers. Our products are designed to work with the service provided by any satellite or cellular company.

Does the RocketLink work if I only have two wireless service providers?
The RocketLink is designed to work with up to four wireless networks. Having access to four wireless networks optimizes its ability to maintain a constant wireless connection and maximize connection speed. RocketLink also works with two wireless networks, although transfer speed and connection availability could be reduced depending on your environment.

We lost our UCH product guide. Can you send us another one?
On-Go is committed to ensuring our customers have access to the support they need to maximize their wireless communications. We are currently developing a full line of Quick Start Guides to provide online support for all On-Go wireless devices. If you don’t find the Quick Start Guide or Product Specifications you need online, please contact us for assistance.

How can we decide whether to purchase the back office products and handle those functions internally, or use On-Go’s Full Service Package? 
On-Go’s experienced professionals are available for complimentary consultations to help you evaluate your options and select the best solution to meet your needs. Contact us to take advantage of this valuable service.

Does On-Go offer a warranty with its products?
All of On-Go’s products are backed by a full one year warranty. We are also dedicated to providing the support you need to maximize your wireless technology investment. On-Go representatives are available to help you develop and implement the best wireless technology solution for your specific circumstances and needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

How can my company become an On-Go distributor?
On-Go partners with wireless industry leaders to provide communication solutions worldwide … while keeping local service and support. Our distribution partners maintain an inventory of On-Go products to offer their customers. We are committed to working with companies who add value to our solutions by maintaining the highest possible standards of customer service. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of On-Go products, please contact us and a representative will provide you with more information.